Sunday, March 13, 2011

still new at this..

Today I decided to start back up on this blog. After seeing Dylan and Ally being so faithful on theirs, I thought that maybe, just maybe I could do this. This weekend consisted of having my little Maggie darlin' for a few nights. It was my pure joy to take care of her and love on her for a few days while Nick and Ally enjoy some time together before she goes to work next week. I can totally understand because I remember how hard it was for me. It was a busy weekend for Dylan as he helped 'set up' for the 4 generation photo shoot, then off to be on a teen panel for homeschool parents. He did great! Sunday brought fun times at GG's and just trying to re-adjust to the new daylight savings time. That having been said, I guess this will be it. For today anyway.

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